Vote Cedar for School Committee on Nov. 7, 2017

Newton's strong schools and progressive community should have elected officials who are willing to protect public education, support teachers and custodians, and demand accountable leaders who will fight for a diverse and inclusive culture by leveraging respectful and productive dialogue.

ALL of Newton votes for each of the 8 Ward Representatives. I am running to Represent Ward 1. 
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  • Master's Degree in Education, Harvard University 
  • Parent of children in Kindergarten and Third Grade at Horace Mann Elementary School in Newton
  • Chair, Creative Arts & Sciences Committee at Horace Mann (record # of curriculum-based presenters) 
  • Diversity Facilitator and Business Consultant for Innovation Culture
  • Professional Experience includes Strategic HR, Leadership Development, Executive and Life Coaching

Strong Community Schools

A divided Newton School Committee almost voted in favor of lifting the cap on charter schools, thanks to our Ward 1 representative. As a Ward 1 representative, I would vote in favor of strengthening our public schools.


Unity, Not Division, With Teachers and Custodians

Teachers and custodial staff need the support of our elected officials in order to contribute to vibrant school cultures that allow students to thrive and grow.


Transparent, Accountable Leadership

Leaders in education must model shared values by taking responsibility for mistakes, being open and clear about areas of concern, and leading the way to create a top tier of staff that reflects the students, which in Newton is 40% students of color and 50% female.