December Newsletter: Think Globally, Act Locally...At Work

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Welcome to the final newsletter of 2015 from CharlesBank Consulting!


As the year turns, the most pressing cultural issues aren’t emerging from companies, but the elements of global culture clash are expressed on a micro-level on the hard-working, innovative project teams of Boston: the desire to truly be heard, the fear of unfamiliar thinking, the threat of the other. Fundamental human desires can’t be ignored without cost. 


Be Human Anyway

Indeed, uniquely human skills of cooperation, empathy and flexibility are in demand by employers. 

How the Modern Workplace Has Become More Like Preschool [NYT] 


The Conversation about Parental Leave Builds Momentum

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg breaks ground by taking two months of paternity leave, while Marissa Mayer at Yahoo vows to “work through” her limited maternity leave after having twin girls. It’s almost impossible to assess the gender models given the divergent state of the companies. But as more CEOs follow in Zuckerberg's footsteps, perhaps more employees will be able to honor their roles in both work and family.

Taking the Risks Out of Paternity Leave [WaPo] 

Opinion Post from a Female Entrepreneur: Crazy Talk on Marissa Mayer [LinkedIn]


In the most plaintive and tragic terms imaginable, one woman regrets her employer’s inability to extend her maternity leave past twelve weeks.

A Mother Asks Why She Had to Leave Him So Soon [NYTimes blog] 


Should CEOs hover?

The only sane response to the cube farm was the open floor plan, but what to do with the CEO? Employees get nervous when the power center of the company is listening in...and possibly judging them. I think an accessible leader is worth that cost, as long as the leader maintains an awareness of the impact of hovering. There's a difference between support and judgment, and employees know it when they feel it.

The CEO Who is Everywhere 



Here are some wonderfully simple coaching questions that you can use today to elevate a conversation from the mundane to the life-changing:


  • What’s the most important thing to you about this issue?
  • What’s the risk of not taking action?
  • What is currently impossible to do that, if it were possible, would change everything?
  • What’s the thing you’re not saying?
  • What else? What else? What else?


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